• Slavery and Islam

    "How could man enslave his fellow man when he was born free?"

    This statement was made by the second leader, or Caliph, of the Muslims, Omar Bin Al-Khattab, more than 13 centuries ago and sums up the position of Islam on the basic human rights of equality, freedom and justice. It defies all pretences of human prejudice and echoes

  • Chemistry of Happiness

    The pursuit of happiness and wellbeing is a unifying goal of humankind and is the cornerstone of building human peace at the world level.
  • Use of Medicinal Marijuana by Muslims

    Islamic rulings on the use of marijuana (cannabis) continues to grow, as more countries and states (in the US) are moving towards the legalization of the use of marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes.
  • Freedom from Addiction

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  • Fasting – A Reboot for the brain

    Want to learn more about how fasting is a reboot for the brain? Stay tuned. The article will be published here the month of Shaban. Watch this space.