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Sh./Dr. Basem Hamid

Basem Hamid grew up in Syria. He invested his youth seeking Islamic knowledge. He memorized Qur’an, studied Seerah, learned Fiqh and Islamic sciences, and even wrote poetry. After completing his studies, his instructor made an earnest recommendation that he seek a profession to serve the community beyond the position of imam. He advised him to take all he learned and integrate the knowledge into all aspects of his life and profession for the greater good of the society. So, a young Basem began studying medicine. Dr. Basem Hamid received his medical degree from the University of Damascus Faculty of Medicine and soon after, he set a course for the United States.

After postgraduate training at Mount Sinai University in New York City he was a resident at West Virginia University and completed a fellowship at University of Iowa in pain medicine. He went on to become an assistant professor of Neurology and Anesthesiology. He then moved south to Houston and joined the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, where he served as an assistant professor and the director of the pain fellowship program. He now runs his own practice, Innova Pain Center. He is also a principle investigator in numerous studies related to pain care, particularly the management of neuropathic and cancer pain. He has published several articles related to pain and is the author of multiple book chapters on different pain-related topics.

Dr. Hamid has been a practicing neurologist for more than 20 years. During most of that time, he wore two hats. Dr. Sheikh Basem Hamid was president of the Board of Trustees for Mishkah University, offers khutbahs regularly, and acts as a guest lecturer across a broad spectrum of topics. He is also an imam of the Shadow Creek Muslim Community Center and sits on the Board of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston. In 2018, he started Wasat Institute to bring together his two passions, health care and the beauty of Islam. Wasat Institute carries on his teacher’s vision to integrate his knowledge of Islam in all that he does in life and in his profession for the greater good of the community