Our experienced team of mentors, both brothers and sisters, come from many professions and are passionate about the deen. Their dedication and commitment give Wasat energy to grow stronger and do more. Explore their CVs. Get to know them.

Our Board

  • Sh. Basem Hamid President
  • Dr. Amir Salam Director of Operations

    Dr. Amir Salam Director of Operations

    Born and raised in the Gulf Coast, Dr. Salam considers Houston his home. He has always had a passion to learn to integrate spirituality into his life routine, and his journey eventually led him to meet Shaykh Basem Hamid. It is his dream to continue forward in his journey and to help make it easier for others to do so as well, under proper guidance and mentorship. Professionally, he serves as an Oncologist in a large medical subspecialty group in the Houston area.

  • Ustadh Ali Hasan Director of Finance

    Ustadh Ali Hasan Director of Finance

    Ustadh Ali’s friends and family would describe him as a warm, compassionate human being with a strong drive for learning and sharing. He is valued for his exemplary character and integrity. He has spent many years familiarizing himself with scholarly work on the traditional Islamic sciences including fiqh, spirituality, hadeeth, and history. He also served as a part-time student in Islamic fiqh and spirituality in Houston for some time. Although an Engineer by profession, he ultimately helped found a large private equity fund based out of Houston through which he acquired extensive experience in project funds management.

Our Team

  • Dr. Yaman Abdullah Community Development

    Dr. Yaman Abdullah Community Development

    Dr. Abdullah was born in New Jersey and grew up in Dallas, Texas. After graduating from Brighter Horizons Academy, he completed his undergraduate studies at University of Texas at Dallas. He then pursued his medical studies and returned to Texas to complete his residency training at the University of Texas at Houston. He currently practices Internal Medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch and engages in religious studies under the mentorship of several scholars in Houston. He delivers Friday sermons throughout the city and plays a prominent role in the teenage youth development program with Wasat Institute in collaboration with Youssif.

  • Dr. Driss Benhaddou Community Development

    Dr. Driss Benhaddou Community Development

    Dr. Benhaddou's areas of expertise include optical networking, sensor networks, switching system design, routing protocols, performance analysis, and optical instrument development for defect recognition of semiconductors. He is an expert in the area of multi-protocol internetworking (SONET, ATM, IP, optical) and also has a solid background in software development with applications in routing/signaling protocols and network simulation.

  • Dr. M. Amir Habra Community Development

    Dr. M. Amir Habra Community Development

    Dr. Amir Habra moved with his family to Houston in 2008. He currently practices oncological endocrinology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. He collaborates with community members to create educational and social activities for children and youth to strengthen the ties within the community and to spread the spirit of goodness in the society at large.

  • Ustadh Youssif Jaroudi Community Development

    Ustadh Youssif Jaroudi Community Development

    Youssif Jaroudi is an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Texas, and is the managing partner of Jaroudi Law, P.C. He dedicates his time to the memorization of the Quran, and the studying of the teachings of the Prophet peace be upon him. He enjoys gardening, studying Mandarin, and drinking tea.

  • Dr. Salman Mian Community Development

    Dr. Salman Mian Community Development

    Youth development is at the heart of Dr. Mian’s motives. He has led young children’s activity and learning sessions at Clear Lake Islamic Center and regularly delivers the Friday sermon at Quba Islamic Institute. His kindness and patience have been amongst his most appreciated qualities. He currently practices Pain Management with Dr. Basem Hamid.

  • Ustadh Rehan Safiullah Community Development

    Ustadh Rehan Safiullah Community Development

    Ustadh Rehan has been delivering youth talks since 2003 regularly. He has always been respected for his wisdom and integrity and has served as a true role model for the youth. More recently, he has served on the ISGH khatib circuit. He has attended part-time classes on Islamic spirituality and Hanafi Fiqh and has a strong foundation in World History and Islamic History. He currently works as a patent lawyer for a large firm in Houston.

Our Partners

Wasat connects with other like-minded organizations, in an effort to expand the network of available resources to build up the balanced path ahead.

Quba Insitute of Houston


Quba Islamic Institute was established in January of 2013 with the intention of serving the needs of the Muslim community in the South Houston and Greater Houston area. Their primary focus is to provide the youth of the Muslim community with quality Islamic education to nurture their understanding and appreciation of the Deen, and to make them capable, contributing members of the society. Quba strives to develop pamlace of worship, learning, community, and service.

Texas Arabic Academy


Texas Arabic Academy (TAA) is an academic institute based in Houston, Texas that seeks to ingrain students of all ages with a love for the Arabic language by providing quality curriculum and a warm atmosphere to develop a personal, lifelong relationship with the divine teachings of the Quran.

Mishkah University

Our name embodies the principles that drive us as an institution – we strive to be a beacon that lights the path to spiritual enlightenment and moral reformation by nurturing the intellect with Divine guidance. Our commitment to our students and the ummah as an online Islamic University is: to disseminate authentic Islamic knowledge and to make Islamic education accessible using the latest technology.

Institute for Spirituality & Health

The Institute for Spirituality and Health is dedicated to the concept that all humans are spiritual beings and research affirms that spirituality plays a vital role in an individuals’ health and in healing. In our sixth decade, the Institute has an outstanding Board of Trustees and Adjunct Faculty. Check the events page to find a list of our conferences, seminars, classes and panel discussions.

Sh. Basem Hamid President

Shaykh Basem Hamid is a medical doctor with bachelor’s and masters degrees in Islamic jurisprudence and extensive training in Islamic disciplines of hadeeth, fiqh, and tazkiya from Syria. He holds a hafizh ijazah of Quran and multiple ijazahs in hadith and traditional Islamic sciences. He has been teaching these disciplines and delivering Friday sermons for over a quarter of a century. He is a member of the founding board of Mishkah University and the current president of its executive board. He is a former professor at UT Anderson Cancer Center and University of Iowa. Shaykh Basem is a practicing physician in the Greater Houston area and is the Imam of Shadowcreek Muslim Community Center.